We’ve Been Waiting for You: Legion Tackles David Haller’s Endgame in This Season 3 Trailer

***Spoiler Warning:  Spoilers for Legion through Season 2, Episode 11 follow. Spoilers*** 

Wake up, people, this is not a drill.

FX just dropped the first Legion Season 3 trailer, and things are no less mad than where we left off.

Game of ThronesHarry Lloyd as Professor X!

As Farouk (who should himself be dead) asks, “How do you surprise someone who can go back in time and warn himself?” Yup, here we go on another Marvel time-travel adventure … well, if — and that’s a big if — you’re of the mind any of Legion occurs outside of David Haller’s head.

Have a look-see, and we’ll check back afterward.

So yeah, in whatever reality existed when David raped Syd, it appears there are consequences.

And whether that’s real Syd (if she still exists) or dream Syd or alternate timeline Syd or Future Syd, well … fork if I know. This is the transitory state of Noah Hawley’s creation and I for one, love it.

If you’ll remember, Farouk and David had their epic astral showdown which technically, David won, and then Division and the Summerland gang gave David an unpleasant ultimatum (which he promptly rejected) and David took off with his old pal, Lenny.

Basically, we’re all back at square one (if we even ever left), with David on track to be the World Killer, and everyone else trying to stop him however they can.

But as we know of David, it’s hard to keep a good bad man down.

Confused? Yeah, that’s pretty much our constant state. At least we’ll have our dear Ptonomy back … kinda, sorta, as the Vermillion and Cary have managed to resurrect his mind, as it were.

Speaking of Cary, looks like Lenny’s organizing a little kidnapping,

presumably at David’s behest (ahem).

I mean, when you get right down to it, David doesn’t really have any friends, anymore — if he ever did. More importantly, do any of these people (still) exist outside his head?

We’ll have to wait for the final season to find out, and to see the rest of the gang (Melanie, Oliver, Kerry, Clark). Season 3 new cast members include Harry Lloyd (Charles Xavier/Professor X),  Stephanie Corneliussen (Gabrielle) and Lauren Tsai (Switch).

Legion returns to FX June 24th; I know you’ll be there.

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

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