Oh, George! Just in Case You Had Any Hopes of Reading The Winds of Winter This Year *Updated

(Editor’s note:  This piece was originally published February 15, 2018)

Hey, read any good books lately? If not, I have a suggestion for a new one from renowned author, George R. R. Martin — you’ve heard of him, maybe? — and it’s set in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Hang on, hang on … it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of. The one you’ve been waiting for …

… yeah, it’s not the one after 2011’s A Dance with Dragons, not the one that we’ve been anticipating oh, ’round about seven years.

It’s NOT The Winds of Winter.

Good news, though; like I said, the book is set in the Ice and Fire universe, and it’s about the Targaryen kings — the first volume of what Martin calls Fire and Blood, and describes thusly:

Yes, most of FIRE & BLOOD consists of the ‘sidebars’ I originally wrote for THE WORLD OF ICE & FIRE. Abridged versions of some of those pieces appeared as ‘The Princess and the Queen,’ ‘The Rogue Prince,’ and ‘The Sons of the Dragon,’ but these are the full versions, together with some chapters that have never appeared anywhere.”

And don’t despair, because George did mention — indirectly — The Winds of Winter when asked if Fire and Blood would be published — planned for 2018 — in relation to that book, and while he didn’t give an exact date …

… he did kinda sorta approximate.

F&B will be in two volumes. Vol 1 before, vol 2 after.”

So there we have it; 2018 should see Fire and Blood Volume I, after which The Winds of Winter, Fire and Blood Volume 2 will be released. So, maybe 2019?

*Updated April 26, 2018

I mean, we already knew this, but I suppose George was feeling left out of the news lately, and/or wanted to get out word on his latest release, Fire and Blood. In a blog update yesterday, Martin confirmed we will not see The Winds of Winter in 2018.

No, winter is not coming… not in 2018, at least.   You’re going to have to keep waiting for THE WINDS OF WINTER.”

For those wanting a history of the Targaryen kings, you’ll be in luck November 20th, the date of Fire and Blood’s release. And hey, at least there are cool dragon pictures.

As for those HBO Game of Thrones prequels, the author would only say this, which seems to be a roundabout way of saying that yes, material from Fire and Blood may appear in one or more of the series.

Oh, and I should also say… as most of you know, HBO is presently developing a number of different prequels to GAME OF THRONES.   I know I am going to be asked whether those shows are going to be based on material from FIRE & BLOOD.   It’s a logical question.   The only answer I can give is… ah, well, no one is sure yet, and anyway, I am not allowed to say.”

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis has been writing about the entertainment industry for ​over eight years, and is the ​Editor-in-Chief at Oohlo, where she muses over television, movies, and pop culture. Previous Senior News Editor at Pajiba, and published at BUST.

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  • ah nothing like the feeling of deep disdain for the creator of one of your favorite pieces of literature of all time. cool cool cool cool

  • he is so f’ing arrogant. Just the throwaway “you’ll have to keep waiting for the book I should have released years ago because I have started a whole new series and I got bored with the other one but HOW DARE YOU DEMAND anything from me cuz I’m god”

    I wonder if he would be shocked at how few people are “waiting” for TWOW. Time marches on old man, better books get written, their trilogy completed all in the time it takes you to ignore your responsibility to the fans of SOIAF.

  • Berry

    I don’t even care one whit about the books, but he’s so unprofessional I want to scream. I write for a living too, and if I told my editors or thesis advisors I’m not going to deliver on something we agreed to and will just send them random notes on something tangentially related instead I would get rightfully called out, and would probably lose my job. But not Martin, that fucking hack.