Hey Wait, I’ve Got a New Complaint: Let’s Unpack the Mysteries in Westworld‘s Season 2 Trailer

It’s been a long morning waiting for the promised 11 am delivery of a new Westworld trailer, but HBO made good on their promise and here it is. There’s a lot to unpack, and we’re left with more than a few questions … and theories. First, have a good look, and enjoy Ramin Djawadi’s gorgeous rendition of  Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box playing over the scenery.

As of yesterday’s trailer announcement, Bernard seems to be having a problem. My prediction is that our friend and Bernard’s “mentor” (so to speak), Dr. Ford, did not go gentle into that good night. Of course, you all know I don’t believe for a minute Ford is dead or gone; even if he were, I’m certian Ford would have left a few surprises behind. And by “surprises”, I mean “damaged circuitry”.

Poor Bernard (BernArnold) has a lot to deal with, and I’m not certain he and Dolores (aka Wyatt, aka who knows who else) will always be on the same team.

Well, Dolores, who’s to say you even ARE on earth? Things look awfully otherworldly sometimes.

Other-timely, too — there are a few shots that read as flashback. This looks like the back of young William’s head, and Jimmi Simpson is supposed to appear in flashback this season, so I’m calling it. Whether it’s Dolores or the Man in Black (William in Black) having memories remains to be seen.

Likewise, this appears to be Maeve flashing back to her “daughter”, rather than a future scene of actually finding the girl.

One thing I’ve been curious about is whether there are multiples of characters we know running around Westworld. In particular, this scene could read a few ways:  a) Maeve in different shots, b) Maeve having a memory flash, or c) Maeve sees a copy herself.

Regardless, Maeve is very busy in this teaser. She rouses Hector (and presumably makes a few changes to his programming).

She clearly visits Shogun World (note her change of clothing here, as well). Is this our Maeve, or another version?

Rinko Kikuchi (Pacific Rim) as Akane.

Dolores is quite busy as well; in between the shots of her speaking with Bernard, she’s doing a little light reading (reminds me of Hannibal’s library) …

… this may be another flashback, else she’s hosting a We’re-Killing-All-the-Humans! party. For a moment, I thought the shot looked like she broke out of Westworld proper, but this still looks like created earth — what are the blockish structures in the foreground?

Speaking of creations, um …

… those Drone Hosts freak me out. They clearly have personality tweaking needs, not unlike old William in Black, who has found an interesting door (doors are apparently this season’s theme),

but what really interested me was this particular shot …

… because we’ve seen several Host characters shot/shoot themselves like this. And now my old The-Man-in-Black-is-a-Host theory will once again rear its ugly head. I was convinced of it most of the first season, especially because we only saw him with gloves on (in the original movie, Host hands were the one thing Westworld techs couldn’t get right) — that is until the final episode. Gloves aside, this is a very curious moment.

I didn’t catch sight of Shannon Woodward’s Elsie, but Luke Hemsworth’s Stubbs is back, front and center (is that a hologram?),

and I believe this is our first look at Gustav Skarsgård’s Karl Strand, surveying the damage.

Ditto, this may be a flashback featuring our first look at new cast addition, Peter Mullan as founder,  James Delos.

Here’s a couple of uncertainties, though — is this Angela (Talulah Riley), and who’s that sitting on the floor, cradling a dead person?

Is this a flashback of Dolores and William kissing?

Where does this mystery door go, Bernard?

Who are these soldiers trying to keep out (Samurai)?

And finally, who is this? Maybe Dolores with … someone? New cast member, Neil Jackson? James Delos?

That’s just my first round combing through the footage, and I’m already exhausted … but it’s the good kind of tired one gets from studying one of our favorite series.

Westworld returns to HBO April 22nd.

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis has been writing about the entertainment industry for ​over eight years, and is the ​Editor-in-Chief at Oohlo, where she muses over television, movies, and pop culture. Previous Senior News Editor at Pajiba, and published at BUST.

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  • Nadiney

    I have so many thoughts I literally can’t verbalise them all.


    • Say your thoughts!

      • Type …

        • Nadiney

          I’m not sure I can make sense of them. I’m caught on the fact that the park USED to have a service where Hosts met guests on the train station, but now that service appears to be gone, and one of the hosts, Tallulah Riley, is a Host in the game. And,in fact, a die hard acolyte of Wyatt.

          Then there is the fact it appears Dolores used to get trotted out to like…parties or something? I tend to think they were still happening on the facility so they could be like…staff/shareholder events and the Hosts serve as entertainment. And probably in every way imaginable, obviously.

          But it means that the Hosts used to have more freedom to move around the facility in a way they no longer have. Maeve has to have a whole special body engineered just to get on the train and since her escape was scripted for all we know she was going to like, explode once she got off the train on the outside.

          ………….So something appears to have happened that caused the Hosts to be resticted exclusively to the game park or the workshops and labs.

          ………….I can’tmake it make any sense but basically I think it’s very possibe that MiB is a Host but Ford made him so he can come and go from the Park when ever he wants and he’s the real experiment in conciousness and his repeated visits to the Facility and interactions with Dolores have been part of Ford to use the Hosts to foster sentience in one another through…..some plan. I….this show makes my brain hurt.

          • So, I generally agree with your line of thinking except …
            a) If indeed they used to have more freedom, the event that caused their restrictions would likely be Wyatt mowing down everyone, and killing Arnold.
            b) I think if they (Ford and Arnold) had brains, and obvs. they did, the restrictions would have been there from the get go, as far as getting out of the park goes.
            c) It is possible that in the beginning, they were both naive enough to let some hosts out, such as Dolores, to entice investors, board members, guests, etc.

            Wyatt caused the lockdowns, if they weren’t already there.

            My latest theory — and you know I am the conspiracy maniac (see Legion — is everyone in David’s head?) — so I’m sure you won’t be in the least surprised to hear I think there are no humans in WW anymore.

            I think Nolan/Joy are taking us down a road where we think the Hosts are in charge, and they are working to take over the park, and then perhaps get out to the rest of the world. The audience will fall for it. “The Door” and all that, is everyone trying to either get out, or stop others from getting out. But, just like there was really no maze, per se, it’s a setup, by Ford, who may or may not be entirely AI by this time (uploaded consciousness, controlling everything).

            This whole season will be a race to get out/keep in, only maybe there’s nowhere to go. Maybe when Wyatt went bonkers, they kept on with trying to understand the Hosts’ capability for sentience; understood they couldn’t contain the Hosts, and so the only control they could have was to keep humans out. All the people who think they’re human, just like Bernard, aren’t.

            Meanwhile, Westworld being in space (especially since we now know there are at least 6 parks) looks more and more likely to me. That would be the best way for humans (at one time) to maintain control and keep the population at large safe. As smart as Ford is/was, he knew the dangers all along.

          • Also, I think not only are there no humans — because they basically abandoned Westworld long ago, or were killed and copies created — but I think that the Hosts began self-replicating, and they don’t even know themselves that there are no humans.

            I always come back to that conversation Theresa had with Sizemore (http://oohlo.com/2016/11/21/westworld-trace-decay-well-i-got-one-foot-on-the-platform/) about different people wanting different things from WW. I think investors/board members were always looking for immortality through consciousness uploading (with Host bodies). After Wyatt’s massacre though, either the humans realized the situation couldn’t be contained, and either everyone we’ve seen are just replicas of the humans they used to be, or — DUN DUN DUN, wild theory again — some/all of the Hosts are just replicas of actual humans, and their humanity (propensity for killing each other, etc.) infected the Hosts/AI.

            Either way, I don’t think the Hosts know there are no humans left in WW, and whether that was a way to keep them occupied so they’d never go after humans outside the resort, who knows?