I Kill with My Heart: Can Idris Elba Save The Dark Tower?

I’mma let you finish, McConaughey, but …

The Dark Tower trailer is finally here and Idris is all in; he’s killing it as Roland Deschain. The perfectly cast, Elba was born to be a Gunslinger, and his interactions with Tom Taylor’s Jake Chambers ring true.

For me, though, Matthew McConaughey is coming off a little cartoonish. From the way he’s reading (and that’s all it feels like) his lines to the Danny Zuko hair, I’m having a hard time taking his Man in Black seriously.

Keeping in mind this is a sequel to Stephen King’s book series, I’ll give this at least another trailer or two to turn around that vibe, see how things shake out.

The Dark Tower is directed by Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), and also stars Jackie Earle Haley, Katheryn Winnick, Abbey Lee, Nicholas Hamilton, Fran Kranz, Alex McGregor and Michael Barbieri. It hits theaters August 4th.

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

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  • emmalita

    I’m always skeptical of MM, even after the McConaissance. He has always been uneven. Some roles and directors allow him to channel himself into the role, others leave him stiff and too much himself. Do I need to know anything about the Dark Tower series before the movie?

    • I think at least getting an idea of the world (the first is really good), reading would help. They’re not terribly long, so I’d say at least see if it piques your interest.
      I read the first 4, possibly the 5th, but it’s been so long …

  • So……. I mean………. ok Idris – obvs looks perfect. I don’t know how he couldn’t . At the same time I have mixed feelings about everything else. Jake seems to old, MM doesn’t seem evil or creepy enough, it looks like we’re gonna leap around the story because we see Jake and Roland wandering but also so much city scape etc. Although cool part where we also see Roland’s dad without having to seemingly see anything else from the Wizard and glass. I just want a timeline of what were going to see so i can be prepared. also i mean ok yes, i can re=read 7 books i suppose. The effects look legit though. I could watch Roland reload his fun all day. Also i have to look into the kid who is playing Jake , cause he sure doesn’t have a NY accent down. Or .. i dunno it just seems off. But he does seem like he will bond with Roland quickly, which is fun.