The Flash Review: Savitar’s Return Brings Team Mopey Back, Too

The Flash, Season 3, Episode 15, “The Wrath of Savitar”

After spending the last few episodes working as a team, in an effort to alter the future in a way that will save Iris’ life, this episode broke that teamwork up into splinters in the name of tension.

While it is nice to see the plot make some forward momentum, it does become frustrating, because these people just can’t be honest with each other.

It starts with Wally having visions of Savitar that only he can see — innocent enough — but it quickly escalates to Wally having battles with a foe that isn’t there.

Once the secret is revealed, Barry overreacts and boots Wally off the team, since it’s clear that despite being imprisoned in the speed force, Savitar has some connection to Wally, since he got his power from the Philosopher’s Stone.

Speaking of stones, Barry sure freely tosses them around for a guy with a deep secret of his own. See, Barry proposed to Iris as much as a way to change the future, as his love for her. Wally discovers this after he convinces Cisco to vibe him to the fateful night. Of course, this upsets Iris and Joe, who was already miffed his surrogate son didn’t ask permission to marry his foster sister, you know, the way polite hillbillies do. With his continued selfish behavior, maybe Savitar isn’t far off, he’s not the only one who thinks Barry has been a villain this season.

The biggest secret/betrayal is reserved for Caitlin, who silently suffers while everyone wracks their brains trying to figure out how Savitar could access the Philosophers’ Stone, the key to getting free of the speed force (but assumed chucked into the pit of eternity and gone forever). As it turns out, in her desperation to rid herself of the powers that turns her into killer frost, she kept a flake of the stone, for research.

In the end Savitar exerts further control over Wally’s mind. Wally tries to throw the last piece of the stone into the speed force, but gets sucked in as a replacement prisoner for Savitar, instead.

Now, Savitar is on the loose, the team is in shambles again, and the show is mired back in its Mopiest Timeline, which now feels like the show’s default setting.

Of course, the show is trying to set up the final showdown and a little “Who is Savitar” drama, but it’s all growing tedious, and not a good sign that it feels like we’re just counting down episodes until the cute musical episode in a couple of weeks.

Craig Wack

Craig Wack

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  • Jelinas

    UGH, this ep was so bad. I hereby dub it “The One Where Everyone Makes Terrible Decisions”

  • I liked it! i mean, yes everyone made bad decisions. Also Iris, BARRY WAS LITERALLY TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE. Also BARRY, WALLY LITERALLY IS A CHILD, MAYBE don’t flip out on him and treat him like literal garbage when something goes wrong. Caityn — you get a pass because your basically the only who never makes mistakes you get can have this one. BARRY – stop treating Julian like an underpaid worker.

    • Jelinas

      Seriously, I did NOT see what Iris’ problem was. If that’s a bad reason to get engaged, I think it’s an even stupider reason to break it off. “No, Barry, I’m not willing to get engaged for something as prosaic as just saving my life! I want that moment to be perfect.”

      And Wally telling iris was stupid, too. What’s it to him, anyway? He knows they love each other.

      Caitlyn also gets a pass because her keeping part of the stone is actually what made it possible to trap Savitar in the Speed Force to begin with, even though she didn’t know it at the time.

      I also wanted to say that Julian is kinda my favorite right now. He’s kinda the only reasonable member of the cast right now.

      And it also bothered me that Barry didn’t make any kind of move to try and help Wally until after he’d been sucked into the Speed Force.

      UGH, UGH, and UGH.