Are We in Detention? Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern Take City Slickers to Westworld

Well, if this doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what will. Our friends at Funny or Die rounded up a few Westworld cast members — Luke Hemsworth, Ptolemy Slocum, Angela Sarafyan aka Stubbs, Sylvester and Clementine — to have a little fun with Billy Crystal’s Mitch and Daniel Stern’s Phil.

Allow me to present the joy that is City Slickers in Westworld.

I love how Billy just keeps shooting Stern.

See you later, I’m off to watch this on a loop …

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis has been writing about the entertainment industry for ​over eight years, and is the ​Editor-in-Chief at Oohlo, where she muses over television, movies, and pop culture. Previous Senior News Editor at Pajiba, and published at BUST.

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  • “Thank YOU, Other Hemsworth Brother!”

    *activates face slap*

  • Nadiney

    How did I not get that HE is the Hemsworth?!

    He’s the best one, I’m calling it. Not just ebcause he’s on a mad good show.

    • So, I guess you don’t know about our nickname for him?

      • Nadiney


        • The Lesser Hemsworth. 😀

          • Nadiney

            Well FINE, I get him all to myself! He is clearly the superior!

            See, this is what I miss when Alex wont watch a show to schedule. I’m gonna lock him under the stairs.

          • And because of WW he pushed Liam to Least Hemsworth.