Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review: The Gang Gets Back Together, Or Does It?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Season 4, Episode 8, “Laws of Inferno Dynamics”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. went into its mid-season finale with the same mission as the other shows in its genre: Wrap up what you’ve been doing and kick off the next thing.

Earlier in the evening on another network, The Flash struggled to do the story it has been telling all season justice before introducing the next set of danger. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did a much better job of that because it realizes the next story only needs to be teased, not explained, which this time around left plenty of time to end the Ghost Rider story in a satisfying way before we start playing around in the land of the Life Model Decoys.

This hour was heavy on the action and the shifting sands of team dynamics, and everyone played their part in the resolution of the plot.

Along the way, we were treated to a more visually arresting interpretation of Yo-Yo’s powers which played well both in the trap she ran into, and her role in the climactic battle between evil Uncle Eli and his hired goons, which was reminiscent of the Quicksilver scenes from the most recent X-Men movies .

The action has driven Eli’s rage and lust for power. His newfound powers have only intensified the legitimate feelings of persecution and rage that come from being an outsider; to confront those things by using his power and the quantum energy battery he constructed to become like a god.

Robbie confronts Eli, but his power mad uncle traps Robbie in the battery, and prevents the Ghost Rider from coming out in the most painful ways imaginable.

Thanks to some real science (The Law of Conservation of Mass!) and the core cast working as a team for the first time this season, this piece of the season reached a satisfying climax. The teamwork was a most welcome sight; to watch everyone play their role and even see a couple of agents step outside of their comfort zone to help the cause.

In the end, the Spirit of Vengeance collects his prize before the whole thing gets sucked into another dimension. Robbie is gone, but as Coulson said, he’ll be back.

It all looked like it was going to end on such a happy note. The good ships Philinda and YoYoMack both seemed to be steaming toward Bonetown. Mace was still a little shady, but he did let Daisy back into S.H.I.E.L.D. on the fly. FitzSimmons was still as adorbs as ever.

Then we got to Radcliffe and Aida. Radcliffe has also been drafted into S.H.I.E.L.D. to continue his work on Life Model Decoys. Aida throws a kink into that plan when Mace’s assistant discovers an unconscious and bloodied Agent May in a secret closet in the Radcliffe compound, and gets his neck snapped by Aida for his trouble. It opens the door to many unanswered questions like what happened to Agent Koenig? Ok, maybe I was the only one asking that one. Most everyone else was wondering who or what is having drinks with Phil back at the base?

With Senator Nadeer’s story unresolved and the trouble with Aida cropping up there’s a lot on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s plate when they get back from winter break.

Craig Wack

Craig Wack

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  • Ok multiple questions:

    Yes, WHERE is Koenig (the most recent one)? Is he at a labeling conference? Is he sick? Is he on family leave cause of another brother? GIVE US THE ANSWERS WHEDONS!

    So is Robbie in the Dark Realm? Or in the middle plane? Will he need an additional cool jacket?

    Will FitzSimmons ever get to go on their vacation? Can they ask for a mental health day?

    Will Daisy or Director ROBIT’s cool new suits be available for Halloween next year?

    Radcliffe doesn’t know Aida built a brain and trapped May right? Like he was too busy playing his guitar whilst wearing sunglasses in a dark room?


    Is Coulson going to um…. pop a bottle with a robit? cause um….. i think he might react to that info …. not great.

    ALSO YO YO is NOT ONLY making out with a beautiful BEAUTIFUL specimen of a man, but she is getting her own web show!!!

    can we talk about how Cordova fucking hit the jackpot with this casting? Hi would you like to play a small part in a niche show? Oh btw this is a Marvel show, so basically this is going to turn into something bigger, don’t go getting any other jobs now. Oh now you have your own mini show.

    • just_an_otter_commenter

      I was wondering about the whole replavement may as well, and i thought she’d been in place since Aida took care of her after the whole “back from the dead” thing. BUT THEN i read a recap that mentioned that May was sent to pickup Aida and Dr. What’s his face, so i *think* the swap happened then. So last week’s Philinda moment was really her, but drinks this week is not.

      Hopefully at the pace this show moves, Coulson will figure it out soon.

      • yes i read that too, which put part of my mind at ease. But of course only part because yes Phil, find out immeadiately plz and thank you. just like ask her about bahrain or something

        • just_an_otter_commenter

          He’s pretty good at playing dumb, so maybe the whole drinks thing this week is telling him that shes not really her. Like next ep will open with him giving her a look like “May doesn’t drink [whatever that is]” like the whole replacement reveal thay time on Alias! 🙂

      • AbbySaurus

        I feel like I need to rewatch the season now.

    • just_an_otter_commenter

      Also i really reeeaally hope Coulson figures it out before any other bottle poppin happens….those two have been through the wringer, just let them get some non-robot loving please and thank you!

      Also also, i think Aida is acting on her own evil impulses. I think the darkhold is working on hwe, despite her androidity.

  • AbbySaurus

    Ok, if we FINALLY get a Philinda and half of it is android, I WILL BURN THIS MUTHA DOWN.

    Not really. I’m fine. GO YOYO!!

    • i literally messaged Craig first thing this morning like BUT HOW LONG WAS SHE A ROBIT???

      i mean it’s fine i’ll be fine but also YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE WHEDONS

      • Enlow was right! Sex robots everywhere!

    • just_an_otter_commenter

      Yoyo is the best!