Corey Haim’s A-List Abuser is Finally on the Verge of Being Revealed


In more terrible tabloid fare today, one of Corey Haim’s (The Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream, The Two Coreys) friends is alleged to have given Radar the name of Haim’s infamous abuser. The abuser, long rumored to be a big-name Hollywood actor is — according to Haim’s friend, Corey Feldman — at least in part responsible for Haim’s drug problems and subsequent death. Statute of limitations aside, even if the abuser is outed and there is no way to prosecute him criminally, exposing him — and the child sex ring both Coreys and Elijah Wood have discussed — would be a huge thing. We don’t want any more Bill Cosbys, but they unfortunately exist, and outing the industry’s disgusting underbelly is a necessary ugliness we must face. The kids who’ve suffered through predators’ attacks might never see real justice, but I can only imagine the relief it would bring would be immeasurable.

In Radar’s piece, they say a few things about the pedophile ring’s “Kingpin”:

  • He’s an A-list star (presumably the word “star” means actor), one of the most recognizable faces in the industry.
  • He has children; he’s a “family man”.
  • He has never come out as gay.

Going back through previous information revealed by Haim, who said he was 14 (1985) at the time he was abused by a 42-year-old, unidentified man; that man would now be 73 years old (if the age given was accurate) and have been born around 1943. Given those parameters, and I’m not trying to make any suggestions here, it’s not difficult to comb through IMDb and find recognizable actors who were or are A-listers with children, but it is terrifying. The names at the top of these lists (by recognizability/”star” factor) are names we’ve loved. We can’t stand the thought of any beloved actor turning out to have been an abuser, never mind the ringleader of a secret group that preys on children. That said, this experience was torturous for Corey Haim, and still is for others who have lived with this all their lives. We don’t know who is still in danger; these “parties” are purportedly still ongoing. Every second that this person continues to go unidentified is a second too long.

It is important to note: these are only lists of people approximately the right age, nothing more. Some of them have no children (Walken, thank the gods), some are deceased (Hermann, *sob*), and some do not fit the clues Radar listed.

Actors who were exactly 42 in 1985: Born 1943, age 73 now

Actors who were 41 in 1985: Born 1944, age 72 now

Actors who were 43 in 1985: Born in 1942, age 74 now

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis has been writing about the entertainment industry for ​over seven years, and is the ​Editor-in-Chief at Oohlo, where she muses over television, movies, and pop culture. Previous Senior News Editor at Pajiba, and published at BUST.

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  • We can remove Ed Hermann off the 1985 list because he has passed right? Dear lord this is awful. I think I only knew abut this is in passing and now I wonder how deep it goes

  • Valhallaback Girl

    I read this on Radar and I was going through Haim’s acting credits trying to figure it all out.

    Then I got to James Garner in Murphy’s Romance and I got incredibly sad. So knowing the math now gives me hope that it’s not anyone I’m particularly fond of? But still, an incredibly shitty situation all the way around.

    • I’m absolutely freaked by the top names on each year. I’ll cry if it’s any of them.

  • Guys, the first name on the 1942 list. If it’s that I …. I cannot. These lists and the possibilities are terrifying.

    • Valhallaback Girl


    • Yup.

  • kdm

    Something about this (besides the super obvious) gives me the icks.

    I absolutely think the abuser should be outed, but there’s just something about the whole situation of Feldman, who seems to be trying to make a comeback lately, giving a tabloid hints and clues. It’s casting a super wide net, and then Feldman gets in the news.

    Sorry if that’s extra cynical, I guess I just wish Haim had had the chance to name his abuser and get some sense of justice.

    • As far as I can tell, Feldman is not the source here. There’s someone Haim told before he died, and that person(s) is threatening to reveal.

      • kdm

        Ohhhhhh. That’s me being terrible at reading comprehension. I’ll just go back to the obvious awfulness and ICK factor then.

  • Turiyan Gold

    Statute of limitations? That’s bull. A ring would qualify as racketeering. The SOL retolls every time you commit the same crime within a 10 year period. Which explains why no one is outting anyone. It would destroy the industry. Not just a specific individual. The “family man” hollywood pedophile is a “Star” which does not necessarily mean actor (as in talent) who
    was a “family man”. Family-man as a code means he comes from a family of actors. This leaves us with a few obvious possibilities:

    Baldwin brothers
    Bridges brothers
    The Quaids and the Sheen brothers and father.

    Stephens first movie was in 1986. His elder brother says on record that he’s “a faggot”. I’ve heard stories of him being seen wearing women’s clothing with his arms around two transvestites in a bar in georgia. Not all the brothers are actors and so the “gay weirdo” in every family in each of these cases, is probably the one brother (or sisters) that arent actors (or have penises).

    I dont think family-man is a code. It is literally a family-man with children. And all those aforementioned people are too young.