The Leftovers‘ Margaret Qualley Shows Off Her Mad Skills in a Bananas-Crazy Spike Jonze Video


This is bleeping amazing.

Firstly, I had no idea Margaret Qualley, who plays Justin Theroux and Amy Brenneman’s daughter on HBO’s The Leftovers, was a trained ballerina. I knew she was Andie MacDowell’s daughter, and thought she’s been “good” in the role of Jill Garvey, but, after watching this incredible performance, consider me WOWED. Not only is her dancing phenomenal, but director Spike Jonze has apparently provided Qualley the exact right medium to completely let go and blow away the world with her expressive abilities; this is an acting tour de force. You won’t even notice this has anything to do with advertising a fragrance; it’s downright brilliant.

Jonze knows how to coax his actors — remember that Christopher Walken/Fatboy Slim collaboration? Dance is also Margaret Qualley’s weapon of choice, and, as you’re about to witness, she absolutely slays.

Now, please pardon me while I gif my brains out.









I love this girl.






Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis has been writing about the entertainment industry for ​over eight years, and is the ​Editor-in-Chief at Oohlo, where she muses over television, movies, and pop culture. Previous Senior News Editor at Pajiba, and published at BUST.

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  • Wow. That was AMAZING.

  • Jelinas

    FANTASTIC!!!! I had no idea that she was: A. Andie McDowell’s daughter or B. a trained ballerina. But I’ve loved her on “The Leftovers” and this was AH. MAH. ZING.

    Also, I have a very special place in my heart for the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. My sister and I had season tickets to the LA Opera for several years before I moved to CZ, and I squealed aloud when she left the banquet. Such an amazing venue.

    I also have a very special place in my heart for Spike Jonze. He’s directed some of my favorite music videos of all time (I esp. love his work with Weezer) and some amazing movies as well (Where the Wild Things Are is probs my fave).

    In short, this music video was made, if not for me specifically, for my kind of people.

    • Also, just thinking about The Leftovers reminds me of our Christopher Eccleston talks, and I’m still aching over his performances in a couple of those episodes. He almost killed me 😀

      • Jelinas

        It’s amazing how I can go from drop-jawed delight to trembly-lipped, welling eyes at just the mention of Eccleston’s name. WHAT. A. PERFORMANCE. I’m on the verge of tears just thinking about it.

        When is “The Leftovers” coming back? I NEED MORE ECCLESTON IN MY LIFE.

        • SAME!!! This is our shared experience, because he moved me so much, I can still feel it, too.

          IMDB says January.

          I was also reminded of him because I’m watching some food show on Netflix called I’ll Have What Phil’s Having. The guy looks a bit like Eccleston, and he’s in Tokyo having the most amazing food. Ever seen it?

          • Jelinas

            I’m adding it to my queue RIGHT NOW.

            I’ve been having some drama with Netflix (well, mostly with my VPN provider), but it’s running at the moment. But, first, I need to finish “The Get Down” (which I am LOVING so far — we need to talk about that show) and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

            But, first, I need to sleep. 🙂

            JANUARY. UGH. I never thought Eccleston was particularly handsome; I generally find him rather goofy-looking. But, GOOD LORD, does he know how to use that face.

          • I LOVE BOTH THOSE SHOWS! I did feel like The Get Down faded a bit the last couple or so episodes…kind of went off the rails, but it was still darned great. Jimmy Smits was wonderful, and the kids surprised me.

            He’s an interesting guy, and I think depending on angle or how he’s dressed, he can be attractive, but I get you.

            SLEEP, my dear! xoxo

          • p.s. Phil is kind of a goofball and maybe a little dim, but the places and food are stunning. Worth suffering him 😛

        • How can a man crush you with the expression on his face? There are only a few people who can do that.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Now try and sync up the video with the sound from this one:

  • Valhallaback Girl

    LOVE THIS. Holy hell. I do love me Spike Jonze but McQualley was unexpected. I knew she wa sa ballerina because of my love of The Leftovers, but she excelled my expectations in such a pleasant manner. I don’t think I would’ve found this on my own, so thank you, Cindy!

  • is she a good actress to boot? like could she play a super hero? i ask because she seems to have the kind of spunk marvel likes.

    • She is good, and yeah, I could see her as a Marvel character. Especially after this.