Watch Ben Mendelsohn Adorably Dance Around Questions About His Rogue One Character



It’s no secret that I adore Ben Mendelsohn. He’s a phenomenal actor (Rogue OneBloodline, Animal Kingdom, Starred Up, Slow West) and, on top of that, in every interview I see, he’s ecstatic about each opportunity he’s gotten, grateful to be a part of every project, and so genuine and happy. This chat with Jimmy Kimmel is the perfect example: when he’s asked about being in a Star Wars movie, Mendelsohn goes positively giddy …


… and fanboys all over the place about growing up with the first movie, and his trading cards…you can’t help but beam right alongside the actor. His eyes twinkle and he’s practically bursting to answer Jimmy’s questions, but mostly does a whole lot of this:




I promise you’ll smile the whole way through. Just watch (and tell me if you figure out his screeching-through-closed-lips answers)!




Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters this December (16th, to be exact). Read more (***Spoilers***) about its characters here and here.

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

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  • Dear Ben’s rep,

    This year for his award season reel the best bet might to actually use this video as a point of reference to show how much he’s different than Danny. We just need to make sure he wins all the awards.

    Cindy—- you are so right. this just makes his acting seem that much more amazing. He’s freaking adorable. i am going to add him to the list of people i just want to sit and talk with. perhaps trade star wars cards with.