Ben Affleck Goes on a Possibly Intoxicated, Expletive-Filled Tirade on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday


I’m not really into football and I certainly have no stake in the whole “Deflategate” controversy, but you’d have to have been in your robopocalypse shelter not to have heard about the Tom Brady/New England Patriots scandal. That people go so insane over sports — and particularly football — is somehow beyond my comprehension, but I’m happy to let a possibly inebriated Ben Affleck demonstrate the fervor with which a fan will defend a player or team. Forget gun debates and things like #DemocraticSitIn and #NoBillNoBreak; Ben is “fired up” about the NFL suspending Tom Brady after the player refused to allow his cell phone (which may or may not have been destroyed) to be searched.

Regardless, does Affleck have no agent or friend that might deter him from appearing in this state? I can’t say for certain he’s been drinking, but something is definitely off, and as the daughter of an estranged alcoholic, my instincts definitely lead in that direction. There’ve been rumblings about a problem for years and personally, I find this particular video more sad than anything. Dude, you have young children …

(Warning: The F-bomb is dropped too many times to count, so this is definitely NSFW/C.)

… get some help.



Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis has been writing about the entertainment industry for ​over eight years, and is the ​Editor-in-Chief at Oohlo, where she muses over television, movies, and pop culture. Previous Senior News Editor at Pajiba, and published at BUST.

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  • Damn Ben, just lean into your mass-holey ness. Shiiiit. I kinda wish he would have slipped into his native accent a little bit more lol. But I do think Simmons’s show is supposed to be like “sports after dark” where maybe the point is to have the convo over drinks? I know all the commercials during dodger games are like “cutting edge sports, i dont’ give a fuck what you think, rawr” and i’m like uhhhhh i mean why you gotta be so angry? Of course then if someone wants to fight about baseball let me get a beer and LETS GO.

    that being said – dear ben, you’re already on that slippery slope bro. We all believe that BvS was bad because of Snyder – not cause of you. don’t go down the spiral again . Go take the reigns on Justice League , do that thing you do best – make good movies behind the camera. Also if Jen sees this, she’s gonna never take you back. Probably. Gosh i sure hope not….


    k byeeeeee

    • ChainedVase

      I didn’t understand any of this as I do not speak the language of Sportzball but as always, I appreciate your Passion, TT.

  • AbbySaurus

    I like Affleck better when he’s staring off into space.

  • UPDATE: At least Batfleck has a sense of humor about it. Also he’s not wrong. Massholes love to Masshole i suppose….

  • Freetheklingons

    OK, wow. I am a huge fan of the F word and I employ it liberally, creatively and at the drop of a fucking hat. But Benji here is giving me some competition. Also, I don’t know nothin bout the footballs, so I SHOULD be halfway asleep as they get ever more granular on the issue, but I am GLUED to this clip because — are you all seeing this? — Benji’s upper face has no expression. He rants on and on and it is as if his eyes do not get the message. No squinting, no eye roll, raised eyebrows, NOTHIN. He’s like a stone cold mutherfucker with ice in his eyeballs.