Name that Actor – A Celebrity Photo Quiz

We all have them, those ancient photos of us that Mom pulls out anytime we introduce her to a new friend. We reached out to the Moms of our favorite Hollywood stars (not really) and collected early photos of our favorite actors. Do you think you can see the resemblance and identify the celeb?

Question #1: No, that’s not a young Elvis Presley. This British actor lent his voice to the “How to Train Your Dragon” series of films

Question #2: This import has made quite the mark on American Television.

Question #3: She’s known for her work on the stage and small screen and has an amazing command of accents.

Question #4: This dynamic actor did nearly an entire film without speaking a word.

Question #5: This future bond clearly knew he wanted to be in Her Majesty’s service at an early age.

Question #6: This cutie started acting as child and has grown up to star in some of the biggest blockbusters over the past 5 years.

Question #7: This multi-talented star plays a mean vampire.

Question #8: This little guy has had a pretty good run lately playing a wide variety of roles.

Question #9: She’s a major player on a fantasy series.

Question #10: If you don’t know who this is, you don’t read this site.


  • i think some of the answers are not working? it said wrong but there was no highlight for the correct answer on that slide?

  • AbbySaurus

    It says 6/9, but I did get 8/9 correct. I love drunk quizzes.

  • I’ve got the Quizmaster on it. Indeed, he could be drunk.

  • Should be fixed — please retake and let us know if you find any further issues.

    • AbbySaurus

      Without giving away answers. I think the photo is wrong for #8? The woman in the photo is the girl that plays her in the show? I don’t watch so I could be wrong.

      • *sigh*

        A good Quizmaster is hard to find.

  • emmalita

    I cannot blame the quiz for all the answers I got wrong. I did get Maisie Williams right.

    • I’m very sorry, but I bleeped you. It had to be done. 😀

      • emmalita

        Of course you did. I am so sorry I needed to be bleeped. My brain is only slightly functional today.