Meet Your New Sherlock Villain; Can He Live Up to Moriarty’s Standard?


Look out Moriarty, there’s a new bad boy coming to Baker Street.


I know, I know.. I’d usually be among the first skeptics; who could possibly take your place? But this guy, well, he has a history, too. And it’s pretty impressive.

dream lord



That’s right, my friends; the incredible Toby Jones joins Sherlock, Series 4 in a role Steven Moffat calls “…one of Doyle’s finest villains.”


In turn, Jones says he’s “excited and intrigued” by the character he’s playing…hmm — any guesses? Nick Hurran (“His Last Vow will direct the episode(s).

Sherlock‘s fourth outing will begin with “Holmes (Cumberbatch) back on British soil, as Doctor Watson (Freeman) and his wife, Mary (Amanda Abbington), prepare for parenthood.” Filming of the second episode (h/t Jenn) began today, and Series 4 is expected to air sometime in 2017.

Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

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  • ChainedVase

    I love me some Toby Jones. Moriarty was amazing, though and I cannot think of another Doyle villain as good. But anything that Toby does is golden, can’t wait!

    • Angry dimples

      there was this dude who collected blackmail material. and maybe he was a baron? man, i read all of Holmes, multiple times, nothing stays in me head.

      • ChainedVase

        That guy has already appeared though, he was the one they were chasing at the end of last season, Charles Augustus Magnussen. I think. I’ve read it all too and I can’t think of another really good villain. But even a minor villain could be awesome as played by Toby Jones.

      • jeannebean

        Charles Augustus Milverton was the ACD villain.

    • Angry dimples

      oh, strike that. i think they did the blackmailer one allready, but he wasnt an aristocrat anymore. Mads brother played him. here are 3 other good options:

      • ChainedVase

        How did I not know that was Mads’ brother? They look alike! I must have just assumed that all Danish men were gorgeeeeous.

        • Angry dimples

          that’s racist! 🙂

  • Jelinas

    Toby Jones is AMAZING. I’m VERY much looking forward to S4!!!