We Need to Talk About What Jamie Did in This Week’s Outlander, “Best Laid Schemes”


First, your obligatory ***Spoiler Warning:  This post contains discussion of this week’s Outlander, Season 2, Episode 6. If you’re not caught up, you may want to back on out. Spoilers***


So, as a newcomer to Diana Gabaldon’s book series — I’m slightly over halfway through the first novel — I have (at least) one question about Jamie’s betrayal this week:  Tit for tat? Is what’s good for the goose also good for the gander? Turnabout is fair play…yes? What I mean to say is, since Jamie broke his promise not to duel Black Jack Randall, albeit in a most elegant (if not cowardly) way,


does Claire get to publicly shame and humiliate him for not keeping his word, and thereby putting their lives — including their unborn child’s — in danger? I’m not certain whether he knew about Claire’s recent bleeding, but I am sure he put aside her feelings about Frank being an innocent in their current situation — and how upset she was at the mere idea of Jamie and Black Jack having it out right now — so her husband was at the very least knowingly distressing his pregnant wife. More importantly, Jamie didn’t truly think through the possible consequences of his actions; Claire told him dueling was against French law and that he could be arrested and worse, face a death sentence (presuming Jamie would live through the fight). Jamie put Claire’s concerns and warning aside, and decided revenge was more important (so much for those accusations the show is turning Jamie into a wuss). Of course, knowing as we do that it’s highly unlikely that a) Jamie would be killed during the duel, and b) Jamie will actually be punished by death, I’m going to go ahead and assume that the King likes the couple enough to set aside such a sentencing, and Jamie will eventually be released. So finally, here’s my BIG QUESTION:  Will Claire eventually get to pay Jamie back that bedroom beating she suffered in season 1?


I know, I know, that’s never going to happen, BUT IT TOTALLY SHOULD.

Regardless, as cool as it was to see to see Jamie have a modicum of revenge against Randall,


the most interesting aspect of the entirely-too-short sword fight was where the point of Jamie’s blade met Black Jack’s flesh:


Why yes, that is Black Jack’s crotchtacular area, the area where Randall’s most cruel weapon against Jamie resides (resided?). Did Jamie intend to emasculate his terrible opponent all along, or was that just a lucky shot? Either way — and such a fate would be truly fitting retribution, if not the permanent ending Jamie sought — I don’t believe for one second that this was the end of Black Jack; not even close. Though his eyes closed, appearing as if his fate was sealed, there’s no way Randall got off that easily. What it may put into question is whether his injury affects the continued Randall lineage, and thereby Frank’s existence. Could this fight be the impetus for Claire trying to go back to him — to see if Frank is still alive?

My skepticism about Jamie and Black Jack’s fate also extends to Baby Fraser; though next week’s previews would have us believe Claire’s unborn child is in grave danger, but anyone who saw the Season 2 premiere probably isn’t too worried about the babe. Between getting some necessary rest and Mother Hildegarde’s counsel, mother, child…and Black Jack will likely all be back in action within a short time period, so the only real question is:  When does Claire get to punish Jamie for his disobedience?  Well, that’s not exactly true; there is one other important question:  Was that Randall’s uniform in the brothel room that little Fergus sneaked into and he slipped a bottle of perfume into a pocket — and if so, what happened to the lad? (Do we really want to know?) That little trip to Maison Elise is likely what pushed Jamie over the edge, though I’m not certain Claire will care what his reasons were.

See you next week when we all pretend to be on tenterhooks for Episode 7:  “Faith”.


Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

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  • I want to comment, but I can’t. I’ll give too much away. Now I know how it feels to be a GoT reader and forced to make show only comments.

    I will note that Dragonfly in Amber (the book season two is based on) is easily my least favorite of the series.

    • I already have that one, and I’m dying to get to it 😛

  • rocelita duzon

    What do you mean punishment for Jaime???? If anyone should be punished here it should be Claire! Everything that happened to her was her own foolish and selfish doing! Jaime broke his word because of what happened to Fergus! Faced in that kind of situation Jaime or even i myself would kill that bastard right there and then! Remember when Claire was captured by BJR, wasnt she the one herself who ordered Jaime to kill BJ? How could you or she blame Jaime for once again saving her or Fergus? Claire accepted before that BJ was already dead after Jaime was raped, how come she didnt cry for Frank then???? Why make a big drama now and make her chosen husband now miserable and eventually caused the death of her baby! She chose to live in the past and with Jaime. She should stop meddling instead protect her baby and her husband from this monster, BJ! Jaime almost died in the hands of BJ, does she want a repeat performance again and again for one year, because I truly believe that BJ will never stop harassing Jaime for as long as both of them live! Claire should be the one to beg for forgiveness for once again harming not only Jaime, Fergus and now their precious baby just for making BJ live one more second in their time!

  • mable

    I want to comment too but I won’t spoil anything just to say there is a really, really, REALLY good reason why Claire forgives Jamie for going after Randall but it takes a while. So much will be revealed and things get very twisty. And we still go back to Scotland where the story gets even more interesting! Keep watching!!