This is a Tribute to The Greatest Fashion Friday Post in the World

4-29 sam

We’ve got some good news and bad news to wrap up this work week. The bad news is that there’s won’t be a Fashion Friday post today and this is just a regular links post. The good news is that you won’t be getting fashion critiques from a writer who doesn’t even own an iron. Cindy will be back in a day or so and then you won’t have to deal with the substitute teacher any more. Now I have to clean up after the raging kegger I threw on the site this week. Man, I hope Cindy doesn’t notice her crystal egg is cracked.

There’s a new Lara Croft in town and her name is Alicia Vikander. (

Did you like Jon Berthal’s take on The Punisher in Netflix’s latest season of Daredevil? Lucky for you there’s more coming. (

This year’s San Diego Comic Con just lost a major studio because of excited nerd and their camera phones (

Deadpool continues to bring out the best in star Ryan Reynolds. (

Emma Stone isn’t a convincing Asian but she looks pretty accurate as tennis legend Billie Jean King. (

Star Wars Episode VIII is halfway through principal photography and director Rian Johnson shared more pics. (

Taking cues from castmate Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is just toying with our emotions (and our sweet tooth).  (

This video has been out for while, but it cleaned my tear ducts out yesterday. Organ donors save lives and change lives too.

The NCAA does something right for a change and struck a blow against LGBT discrimination. (

One of the more obscure Harry Potter kids is now an MMA fighter. (

4-29 potter

A new gadget releases scents to fit your mood. Does that mean if you are in a foul mood your house will smell like dirty feet and Indian food? (

A tip from the pros, always check your Large Hadron Collider for weasels before firing them up. (

To wrap things up, this lemur will tell you when his back has been rubbed adequately.



Craig Wack

Craig Wack

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  • Valhallaback Girl

    I want Alicia Vikander in more things, but Tomb Raider didn’t even make the list. A War of the Roses biopic she’d be fab in. Or even something pertaining to her home country’s history. I’d be down for that.

  • ChainedVase

    I am a fashion loving girl and I also do not own this Devils implement known as I-Ron so that’s no excuse, Craig. You chose that delightful Samuel L Jackson picture, right? You are a natural fashionista, just believe in yourself!!

    • I chose that picture because it screamed “do not adjust your set” at me

  • AbbySaurus

    I mean, I’m glad I watched the organ donor video, but I’m a blubbering mess right now.

    • llp

      It was Organ and Tissue Donation Week (in Canada, at least) last week. It’s important, and I am registered and would do the same as Lukas’ mom if I lost my kids, but that video was hard to watch.

  • I know i am late to this party but, were we invited to the rager? I feel left out.

    Also … is that the same Slytherin that went to jail?