Are You Ready for the Summer of Civil War?

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All right, it might not last all summer but it’s still a week from release in the U.S. and Captain America: Civil War is already unleashing an onslaught of superlatives.

Marvel Studios’ latest installment raked in $14.9 million on its first day of release in markets such as France, Korea and Thailand. The studio reported that performance is just a shade off the record set last year by Avengers: Age of Ultron.

As the movie opens wider across the globe, it’s being estimated that Civil War could make as much as $200 million before the movie opens its doors for American audiences.

With talk about nine-figure ticket sales revenue, box office records and a 98 percent Tomatometer score that must surely be causing heartburn around Warner Bros., Civil War is going to dominate the conversation for the next few weeks.

Historically, Marvel has been the little brother to DC Comics. DC had almost 30 years of publishing history before the first Marvel characters were put to ink and paper. Marvel’s efforts at live action and animation ranged anywhere from merely low quality to downright awful, while DC’s animated efforts became Saturday morning staples and several successful Superman and Batman movies were made.

Starting with The Avengers, Marvel Studios has defeated DC’s cinematic offerings at the box office when they went head to head. Following savage reviews and under-performance at theaters, it’s not a matter of if Civil War overtakes the receipts of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but when.

Thankfully for movie fans the summer doesn’t start and end on the 6th of May. There’s a big slate of popcorn flicks that will work their way through the multiplexes between now and the end of August.

Aside from the other comic book movies scheduled for release, a pair of comedies have my eye. The retro crime movie The Nice Guys starring Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe (it’s written by Shane Black of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Iron Man 3 fame) looks like it could be a winner. The Lonely Island’s take on boy bands Popstar, Never Stop Popping has a real Anchorman feel to it, so that fact alone has my attention.

Let us know in the comments which summer movie you are expecting to make you oasis of air conditioning over the next couple of months.

Craig Wack

Craig Wack

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  • i am SO READY to both pick sides and also never stop popping. YOU KNOW.

  • Angry dimples

    i did not come here to gloat over the fact i allready seen it, I SWEAR. just to implore anyone who is on the fence to run and watch it the moment it opens in your corner. it is AS GOOD AS THEY SAY. its probably the best Marvel movie so far. if you gotten weary in the past couple of years of Marvel (and side note – you are wrong and antman is god damn delight) this will change that.

    • HasenKlub

      You’re killin’ me, Smalls!!!! I’m seeing it literally as soon as I can: The first showing on the day my theater is doing a preview showing. Already have my ticket. I can only do so much short of me flying halfway around the world and crashing on your couch. Although, for TeamCap and the way you are going gaga over this, I’m convinced that would be HashtagWorthIt.

      Also, for using the phrase “Ursine Eloquent,” and giving me a good hearty chuckle, I present you with my favorite Google Image results of said phrase:

      • Angry dimples

        those are seriously amazeboobs, each in their own special way. that norse god bear and his “bring your son to work” day is particularly lovely.

        also, this message was obviously not for you. you are team cap (AS YOU SHOULD) and you were going to see it anyways. i was writing for those who like to pop in the comments and say “meh”. just like i did over apocalypse. those people should jump in. you, you will bask in its glory. it has a delightful russos cameo and amazing action scenes, and spiderman is right for the first time ever and unexpected buddy cop interactions between unexpected pairings and smug people punched in faces and fun and sadness and then some more fun. and vision wears a sweater vest in one point. spoiler alert, i guess? it has nothing to do with anything. it just made me laugh.

        • HasenKlub

          There is literally no way that Vision in a sweater vest could ever spoil anything. That image should be the poster.

          • Angry dimples

            i know, right?? i think it was in the trailers and not enough people took notice. i mean, come on, people. he has the soul gem and he is dressed as retired highschool biology teacher. where are the pajiba think pieces on THAT?!