Who’s Megan Fox’s Baby Daddy, and Can Robert Downey Jr. Overcome His Own Ego for Charity? (YE…Almost…er, No!)


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Caity Lotz? Katee Sackhoff? Kevin Feige says we are finally about to find out WHO will play Captain Marvel, and the film’s director. (io9)

Broadchurch Series 3 (the final outing before Chris Chibnall, who’s taking over Doctor Who) gains a few big UK names and will delve into a serious sexual assault. Er, yay or nay? (Radio Times)

This started off so well, with Robert Downey Jr. dressed as a bunny and hopping around for charity, and then ego wins out. We still love him though. (Omaze via Lainey Gossip)



Netflix is now king, queen and everything in between of original programming, having beat HBO for the first time in a national survey. (Variety)

Still high on Daredevil and need more Charlie Cox? Never fear; the actor says The Defenders (with DD, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones) is filming this fall. (Independent)

This slightly cruel prank is my everything. Two brothers convinced their sister — still high on anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth removed — a zombie apocalypse had just begun. Even in her altered state, this young girl has more sense than anyone on Fear the Walking Dead. (H/T Katie L. via Distractify)

Megan Fox is pregnant with her third child; no word on whether estranged husband Brian Austin Green is the father or not. (People)

Happy Birthday to Beverly Cleary, who is 100 years old today! Thank you so much for all your wonderful books and for perfectly understanding and expressing our inner Ramona. (DListed)

It’s National Grilled Cheese Day! If you’re as hungry as I am, don’t look at these over-the-top, next-level versions of ooey-gooeyness. (Mental Floss)

It’s been 45 years since Led Zeppelin released Stairway to Heaven, and this May, the copyright infringement case (on behalf of Spirit) is finally going to court. (Vulture)

This groom’s nerdy love story told with Legos is AH-dorable. (YouTube)

20 Amazing unscripted movie moments include two unplanned Tom Cruise kisses. (Screen Rant)



Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

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  • NateMan

    That prank would be cruel if they’d done it to a stranger. But doing it to their sibling just makes it funny for me. And getting their mom in on it? Solid win.

    • Yeah, at least with family you are relatively sure they were going to keep her from hurting herself or running out and beaning somebody in a drug-induced survival instinct haze.

    • I applaud it because it wasn’t done to me. BUT i do remember when people died last time some friend pulled that on the other

    • JenVegas

      I hope she woke up from her nap and beat them both with that rake.

  • I loved the forget the dog bit…

  • – *requisite borderline-crude remark about Megan Fox, because yes, still would*

    – I will be happy when they make the Captain Marvel announcement just so we can move from the “who will they cast” debate to the “they cast WHO??!?!” debate.

    – Happy birthday Beverly Cleary! (shit, you make to 100, you can’t her that enough, i would think)

  • Look i have said before and I’ll say it til they announce casting: http://img.pandawhale.com/130995-yvonne-strahovski-hot-chuck-gu-0TOC.gif

    just do it Marvel. or don’t whatever. JUST DO NOT CAST RONDA ROUSEY OR I AM OUT.


    • ChainedVase

      This is a good choice.
      Although, I’ve been watching Longmire lately (I’m an old person now I guess) and Katee Sackhoff rocks a button down shirt like, I just do not understand how she looks so good in a Deputy uniform. But she is super hot and tough and hot and I would like to see her be a superhero.

      • JenVegas

        She’s got my vote. I love her 98% because of her Longmire work.

        • ChainedVase

          And her Starbuck was amazing, obviously. And her dating- my-boyfriend- Karl-Urban work doesn’t hurt either.

          • JenVegas


      • Angry dimples

        hey, im like, almost young, right on the verge of being a youth, and i LOVE longmire. Henry standing Bear being all reasonable and slightly annoyed and Mathias’s luscious hair are my everything.

        • ChainedVase

          I have a long-standing crush on Lou Diamond Phillips so obvs I love Henry. And pocket Matthias is adorably jerky. It’s an easy show to watch.

          • Angry dimples

            he was very one denominational jerk in first seasons but now Mathias is really great. and THAT HAIR.

    • I loved her on Chuck!

  • Are we free to speculate on who we want to be Fox’s babydaddy?

    • Angry dimples

      YES. They are adorable together.

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