Maisie Williams Wants Us to Stop Calling Each Other Feminist; “Call People Who Aren’t Feminist ‘Sexist'”



Mark Gatiss mad a little announcement today. (BBC1)

Charlize Theron says she’s not having a pity party, but uh…she does have a few complaints:  It’s hard for her homeland (South Africa) to believe she loves it, standards for women over 40 are higher than men, and pretty girls don’t get meaty roles. (GQ)

Forget her brilliant Game of Thrones and Doctor Who performances; let’s nominate Maisie Williams for Queen of the World. The wise-beyond-her-years actress says we’re all just human, and anyone who doesn’t think women should have equal rights is sexist. Succinct and correct. (EW)

Queen Bey breaks it down further for those who still don’t understand how simple feminism is. (Elle)

Speaking of queens and GoT, Emilia Clarke aka the Mother of Dragons knows exactly how she’d like to see the HBO series end — with “close-ups of  all the boys’ penises [peni?], please.” (Glamour)

The first female Navy recruits got their dose of equal…hats! (

Are you anti-jumpsuit and rompers on grown-ups? I was firmly in that camp until…Danai. See it and drool alongside me, won’t you? (Tom + Lorenzo)

Why yes, I have tootled, been a quill-driver; I’m a proud bookwoman, but never a death-hunter. How many of these old fashioned words for writers can you — would you want to — apply? (Oxford University Press via Mental Floss)

This graphic designer’s humanoid robot bears strong resemblance to Scarlett Johansson and is positively terrifying, especially when its (her?) lips move when speaking. I must advise you not to click, but I know you won’t listen. Dooooonnnn’t! (via Buzzfeed)

Wash it all away with two words:  Baby Penguins. (via Mashable) One response:  MOG!




Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis

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  • ChainedVase

    Did I see somewhere (outside of my own dreams, I mean) that Tom Hiddleson is joining Sherlock as another brother? Is that even legal? It seems like too much weirdly sexy Britishness all on one show.

    • I saw that, too, but I’m not sure it’s anything more than wishful thinking. We might explode!

      • ChainedVase

        Hiddles and The Batch could have a voice-off and Martin Freeman could be exasperated and then we will all die.

        • emmalita

          What a way to go.

  • emmalita

    The halter top jumpsuit is the best formal jumpsuit. Although, Danai would make anything look good.

    • ChainedVase

      Right? Those shoulders. sigh.

    • She is unbelievably gorgeous.

    • Valhallaback Girl

      It reminds me of Gaga’s at the Oscars and I can’t tell you how much I lusted after that delicious little get up.

  • Valhallaback Girl

    Do you think we could overthrow the government of a small island nation with a petition, put Maisie in charge, and all move there?

    Or at least just protect her for always? Because she’s a treasure and should I have children, I’d like them to be just. like. her.

    • emmalita

      I think we should look into it. There are worse ways to use our time.

    • ChainedVase

      I just realized that you are basically describing Themyskira, home of the Amazons of Wonder Woman, so yes let’s do that immediately if not sooner!!

  • Staramour

    After seeing Danai in that jumpsuit, Goop’s “stylist” deserves a prompt firing!